Foundation (LV1)
Introduction toSCENTONE By-PassCoffee common language in Third Wave Coffee
The cause of the absence of the common languageDefinition and Importance of flavor analysis
Development process and application area of THEOREMThe Coffee Science and enzymatic reaction
Introduction of taste principle / Taste modulationDifference between taste & aroma
Coffee Flavor Profiler / Flavor/Aftertast/Acidity/BodyAroma Perception Mechanism
Getting accustomed to nine aroma categoriesSCENTONE By-Pass / Fulfill the nuance paper
Sensory : Washed
Sensory : Natural
Intermediate (LV2) / #1
Create and share 1 Aroma nuance cardCreate and share 3 more Aroma nuance cards
Create and share all the 20 Aroma nuance cards(A)GC application
Definitions and examples of thresholdsComponent of T100
Study on the taste mechanismDefinition and measurement of coffee sour taste
Three variables causing sour taste changeClassification of acid types by VIC Importance of malic acid
Coffee base: Periodic table Core / TDS / HardnessRoasting & Safety / Weight calculation of CO and N2
Study on "Dry Distillation"Understanding the Six Important chemical structures
Review and health of chlorogenic acidUnderstanding Peak and Volatility (Boiling Point)
Calculation of weight of furan (caramel flavor)Milk Basic Information
Intermediate (LV2) / #2
Create all the 20 Aroma nuance cards(B) one morePositioning the paired aroma on the Flavor wheel
Complete "Flavor wheel" Confirm the answerCreate 20 "VIC" Visual Impression Card
SCENTONE By-Pass application
TDS Conversion formula and BodyTDS test
Test 1Test 2

Self Study

Create another 80 nuance cards 

and VICs and complete all the 100 VICs